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Executive Presence: How Do You Look and Sound as a Leader Today?

Let’s face it; the ability to speak confidently is an essential business skill. It opens doors, creates more visibility and gives you power. Executive Presence: How Do You Look and Sound as a Leader Today? is a program filled with proven techniques to help you speak with impact, hold people’s attention, sell your ideas and get the results that you want. These tools will be effective whether you are presenting one-on-one or one-to-hundreds.  

The techniques will be put into action through a compelling and entertaining workshop where as many audience members, as time permits, will receive one-on-one speech coaching. The participants will be recorded on camera and the video played back so that each presenter can see where he/she gains power and where credibility is taken away. Coaching begins with Gwen using her talent to guide each participant to a new level of speaking in a remarkably short time.

Audience members will learn techniques such as: 

• Projecting a powerful physical presence 

• Gaining and holding people’s attention  

• Adjusting pitch and volume so your voice carries  

• The recommended rate of speech  

• Getting ride of the “ums,” “you knows” and other crutches that undermine credibility 

• Developing conviction so your words are remembered  

• Getting people to act favorably to your idea  

Managing Your Butterflies

Survey after survey says speaking before a group of people is Americans’ number one FEAR. One survey says that going to the dentist is the # 1 fear, but we still get our teeth cleaned, don’t we? Another says going to a party full of strangers is the # 1 fear, but we buck it up and go, don’t we? We can learn to fear vicariously. If we hear it often enough, we believe it.  

When I ask people what do you feel before presenting, here are some of the responses: heart rate increases; sweating; mouth goes dry; knees tremble; tension in the neck and shoulders; stomach has butterflies; and, the desire to consume sugar. I tell them that I want them to have those butterflies. They give you the cutting edge.    

In this workshop or breakout session Gwen will give you techniques to help you develop the courage to stand up to your speaking challenges, whether one-on-one, one-to-several or one-to-large audiences. You will learn ways to use that fear to leapfrog over the competition frozen by the fear of speaking.   

How to Gain Credibility through Image and Self-Projection

As a TV-Anchor, P.M. Magazine Co-host, Miss America Contestant and Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Gwen knows the difference a polished image makes. Her ratings always depended on it. What impression do you make before you speak your first few words at a business luncheon with a potential client, conference or networking event? Are your non-verbal’s sabotaging you?

Non-verbal’s communicate power, authority and confidence. Positive body language allows people to focus on the content of your message instead of questioning, “Does he have the power and knowledge to be telling me what he is saying?” Haven’t you questioned someone the same way?  
Gwen trains individuals how to package themselves in all aspects of communication. This power packed program focuses on image, as well as identifying and eliminating the words, gestures and speech patterns that robs you of authority.  

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