Testimonials: National

Barry Henderson, CEO: MAPTEK

"Gwen's  speech coaching has allowed me to move beyond 'going through the   motions' and simple mechanics of public speaking and develop a more  charismatic, powerful and engaging delivery.  

Gwen is the  consummate professional and her enthusiasm and energy are  contagious. The coaching  sessions she has provided me have been truly  outstanding and have exceeded my highest expectations."

Lowell M. Harrop, Course Administrator: AT&T

“Gwen was not only well informed, organized and polished in her delivery… but very captivating with her humor, personal anecdotes, and clever ways of assisting us in remembering the concepts from the course.” 

Douglas A. Fell, Senior VP of Operations: T. Marzetti Company

“Gwen, it was simply terrific. Your presentation pointed out to me one glaring void: while I will go to the effort of using a personal trainer for my fitness and well being, it has never occurred to me to use an expert trainer for my communication skills.” 

Melodye Turek, President: The Colorado Safety Association

"Gwen Resick-Rennich provided the keynote address for The Rocky Mountain Health and Safety Conference in Denver and was an outstanding success, as evident by the standing ovation she received as she concluded her presentation.” 

Michele E. Weis: Travelers Group

“Gwen was outstanding! She got the audience involved and was so dynamic  that the day just flew by. I have received many calls since the workshop from participants indicating that it was the best training event that they had ever attended.”

Kathy Goss: Hewlett Packard

“Gwen was such a positive example, I only wish we had more time to learn from her. The seminar kept my attention 100% of the time and I am in the training field. I know how difficult it is to keep an audience alert. I hope to have an opportunity to work with her again.” 

Testimonials: International

Groeme Knight: The Apogee Group, Australia

“A pleasure to listen to someone who really knows what she is about and where she is going. I only wish you had a clone to leave here in Australia for us." 

Esther Kwan, Programme Director: Career Training International, Singapore

“We have many of our seminars conducted by Gwen in Asia with great success! Topics include Powerful Presentation Skills with One-on-One Speech Coaching, Handling Employees with Bad Attitudes and Managing Life’s Conflicts. 

Gwen’s seminars have been well received, and we received rave reviews from delegates. Many of our delegates remarked that Gwen is excellent and enjoyable, totally committed and organized with energy and experience about the topic she was presenting.”  

Pat Blaize: Cable and Wireless, British Virgin Islands

“The presentation course was excellent and Gwen is a lovely person. It was quite a pleasure and honor working with her. Our managers are all still raving over how professional and meaningful the course was for them. Some of them are already using the techniques learned in their presentations. That shows me just how positive the course was.”