Keynote Speaker, Executive Speech Coach, Gwen Resick-Rennich, International Speaker

Your Cutting Edge: A Skill To Increase Your Value!

Warren Buffet believes that better presentation skills will increase a person’s value by 50%. In this keynote, award-winning international speaker and television news anchor Gwen Resick-Rennich gives the audience those skills, and more, turning audience members from average presenters into effective presenters right before  your eyes.   

In this content-rich, interactive presentation, Gwen gives attendees the specific tools to give them the cutting edge over their competitors and make their message come alive.  

Lead With Your Voice and Be Remembered

You know about finance, logistics, sales quotas, inventory and technology. No one questions your knowledge. You spend a lot of time getting the information right. Shouldn’t your delivery be right, too?   

In this engaging keynote presentation, the audience joins Gwen as she takes a rope, a wine cork and a bing-bong-ding-dong tongue teaser to ensure that everything you do communicates your powerful presence, tone, character and knowledge with great clarity so that people remember what you said and enthusiastically follow your leadership. 

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