Executive Speech Coach

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One-on-One Speech Coaching

You will see yourself improve as a presenter the very first day of training in this hands-on coaching program. Gwen will help you become more conscious of where you are giving away credibility and then teach you techniques that are more powerful and effective. As Gwen coaches and rehearses with you … you start to see the difference in your delivery skills within minutes. 

Want to improve the success of your presentations?

Are you losing sales you deserve, not because of the offer, or the price, but because of your delivery? As a team leader are you lacking the skill to motivate your team to get the job done? Are you one of the keynote speakers at your company’s conference but you are unable to capture the attention of the audience?

By enlisting the aid of Executive Speech Coach Gwen Resick-Rennich, you will rise to a new level of speaking skill in a remarkably short time. 

If you’re serious about “stretching” yourself as a presenter, One-On-One Speech Coaching is a giant step in the right direction.

You’ll be video-recorded, professionally critiqued and coached by one of the top speech coaches in the business. You will get an assessment of where you are with your presentation skills. As a result, you will discover where you need more work and practice … and the areas where you’re already good will become even better!

In this program you will learn ways to:

· Captivate your listeners with impact

· Present yourself with poise and confidence

· Persuade people to act on what you say

See results with some of Gwen's clients